Adoption Stories


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Peony came to us one afternoon after we were closed for the day. One of our staff members was coming back into the shelter after driving a long transport and a car pulled up in a hurry, tossed the kitten into her arms and said the kitten's mother had been hit by a car. She was only a few weeks old, too young to stay at the shelter alone overnight, so we contacted the Hughes family. They have been loyal bottle baby kitten fosters for years and of course, they took over her care without hesitation. We didn't know it at the time but Peony would become their latest foster failure! Lee and Bree have fostered countless bottle baby kittens and have ended up adopting a few that burrowed themselves into their hearts. Peony, Binx, Seraphina and even a beautiful pup named Mazie Marie who came into the shelter at only a few weeks old herself have all found a place in the Hughes family.