Adoption Stories


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Riley lived as a stray, hanging out behind Wal-Mart eating whatever she could find. It was a rough life. Fortunately for her, a kind woman fed her everyday, earned her trust and then brought her to our care in the shelter. We gave her medical care, including heartworm treatment, and love.

We received an update from her new family:

"Riley had her first beach trip. We know she was thinking what is that! She loves to cuddle with the kids. We have her registered at Dogtrain on Kerr Ave. I've heard from several people now that the woman there is amazing and the classes are small. We are taking her as a family so we can all learn. Riley is a wonderful additon to our family, thank you! "


PennyFix Grant

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We are thrilled to have received a $ 2,000 grant from PennyFix. The mission of PennyFix is to provide funding for free spay/neuter services for cats and dogs in every county, municipality, and township nationwide ".   The vision of PennyFix is to eliminate overpopulation through a program financed by pet owners through a penny per pet food can fee.  Thank you, PennyFix!!!.  




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 Adopter Update. We love hearing from our alumni! We've shared Homer/Howie's before and after pictures because the transformation is amazing.

"I just wanted to check in and let you know how great Howie is doing. He has relaxed sooooo much and continues to improve every day! He wags his tail for me and races around the yard when I come home, and loves to snuggle on the sofa during tv time. He loves his daily walks where we usually stop to play with his friends on the street. We went to the vet for the first time this week and they were all happy to see the new beagle in my life and thought he was just beautiful, which of course he is. She thought he was probably closer to 1 than 2 and thought his teeth looked pretty good. Maybe all the chewing he's been doing is helping clean them up. he's up to 24.4 lbs. she thinks 26 is his ideal weight so we will keep working in it. My mom came to town to visit her new granddog last week too and it was love for both of them. Howie even rolled over so she could rub his belly! She says she's never seen a more beautiful dog! Or so sweet.
He is finding his voice finally and barks once in a while after being quiet as a mouse for weeks. He howled last night and the sound shocked us both I think  
Here's a picture. How's Bette doing? Even though I know Howie would love a pal, I think 1 is all I can manage for the time being. I hope she will find a good home as soon as her treatment is done. Thanks for everything. I will keep sending updates every once in a while."

  Howiebefore Howieafter