Adoption Application

The Scotland County Humane Society would like to thank you for choosing to adopt an animal from our shelter. Our goal is to provide our animals with happy permanent homes. We are interested in your satisfaction AND the health and wellbeing of our animals. In order to better meet these needs, we ask that you please fill out our adoption application before the adoption process can be completed.

Tell us About You
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Pet Adoption Candidate
Certification and signature

I CERTIFY THAT THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IS TRUE. I UNDERSTAND IT IS SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION BY THE SCOTLAND COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY. In the event that more than one application is received for a particular animal, Scotland County Humane Society reserves the right to place that animal with the applicant we believe is the best match for that particular animal. I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT THE SCOTLAND COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADOPTION TO ANYONE.

With my signature, I authorize the Veterinary Clinic specified below to release my animal(s) medical records to Scotland County Humane Society.